For a longer-lasting future

Our supreme silicon-graphene anode material enables smaller and lighter lithium-ion batteries that are fast-charging and long-lasting. For EVs and other electronics. For a sustainable future.

What our unique anode material does for the next generation batteries

The Market

The global lithium-ion battery market is growing exponentially. By 2030, it is expected to be worth about $150 billion, based on a conservative estimate. As Europe continues to invest in battery development, its market share is expected to increase from 6% to 25% by the end of 2029.


Battery powered cars 2040


Our anode market share 2030

Granode Materials – the company

Granode Materials was founded in 2021 when 2D fab – a large-scale manufacturer of the nano material graphene – transferred operations. We have a high academic level among our staff, and all our team members have extensive experience working with nano materials. We have created the best possible conditions for Granode Materials to succeed.