Perfect timing for battery improvement and Granode

There is an increasing demand for a shift from fossil fuels to cleaner renewable energy sources. Lithium ion batteries are a necessity for sustainable electrification of transportation systems. The market for electric vehicles and clean energy technology is rapidly demanding LiBs systems with higher capacities, fast charging abilities, and long life spans.

” – The electrical vehicle market is expected to be worth 80 billion US dollars 2025. By 2030, it is expected to be worth around 150 billion US dollars. We at Granode have a solution for improving battery capacities by up to 25%, without requiring any changes in the battery production processes,” says Richard Norén, former CEO, Granode Materials.


“If used in an electric vehicle, Granode-enhanced batteries can achieve capacities up to 25% higher than today’s batteries!”

Granode’s unique green graphene nanosilicon anode material for Lithium ion batteries has four core advantages: low price per watt, high energy density, low weight and a solution that does not over-utilize the earth’s resources. All of these components are highly desired after battery features!

A strong dedicated team of experts and partners

To be able to take a promising innovation from the lab to the market and industrial scale production, having the right people onboard is crucial.

“ – We are working at the forefront of battery research, and we are collaborating with national and international universities, research institutes and companies. This gives us valuable expertise and contacts,” says Britta Andres, Development Manager at Grande Materials. She adds, “The Granode team is passionate and incredibly motivated to lead Granode into the future.

Alongside the team at Granode, the executive board is composed of the most competent experts in both battery technology and business development. The board includes Professor Daniel Brandell of the Ångström Advanced Battery Centre at Uppsala University and Lars Thunell, chairman, co-investor and former CEO of SEB.

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Photo of Britta Andres by Richard Öhrn.