Our exceptional silicon-graphene anode material is a game changer for the performance of lithium-ion batteries – in EVs and other electronics.

Granode can better anything battery powered

Lithium-ion batteries are a vital component for achieving sustainable electrification of the transportation systems. Our focus application areas are Electric vehicles (EVs) where the market is huge and rapidly growing, but also in other areas such as renewable energy storage, consumer electronics, and grid storage.

Our supremely advanced and highly innovative battery anode material will not only dramatically enhance the performance of EVs, but also drastically increase the efficiency and longevity of other electronic devices in these various application areas.

Our supreme battery anode material will enhance the performance of EVs and other electronics





Disruptive nano materials technology

Granode Materials is developing and commercializing an anode material for lithium- ion batteries. By changing the charge carrier to a mix of graphene, nano silicon and binders, our anode material can increase storage capacity dramatically. This is especially true when compared to graphite, the most commonly used material in lithium-ion battery anodes. Our innovative anode material also adds to the mechanical strength and electrical conductivity of the battery. This circumvents the well-known expansion problems and lowering the conductivity of silicon.



Low charge-to-weight ratio

Current charge-to-weight ratio is too low to support good driving economy in electric vehicles.


Granode Materials’ anodes have up to 10 times higher charge-to-weight capacity than current battery anodes!


Slow charging

Current anodes struggle with long charging times, while the market demand is moving towards instant charging.


Granode Materials’ anodes can charge 5-10 times faster than current battery anodes!


Low numbers of charging cycles

Current anodes can only handle a lower number of charging cycles, causing a high lifetime cost.


Granode Materials’ anodes can last up to 3 times longer than current battery anodes!


Cost efficiency – a key factor

Granode Materials’ groundbreaking method is cost-efficient and compatible with commercial fabrication methods. Our manufacturing, which stems from the paper manufacturing industry, is both energy-efficient and inexpensive.

Granode Materials has a local provider of graphene in 2D fab, the company from which Granode Materials spun out of. 2D fab provides sustainable and cost-efficient graphene products and has years of experience and research behind their manufacturing process. Granode Materials also has several ways to manufacture the silicon nano particles needed. The result: reduced costs.

Indicative anode material characteristics

  • Low first cycle irreversible loss
  • High coulombic efficiency/output
  • Rapid lithium-ion diffusion into/out of the anode
  • High ionic and electrical conductivity
  • Low structural changes upon charge and discharge
  • High specific capacity (mAh/g)
  • Good ability to form and maintain a stable SEI
  • Low cost per storage capacity
  • Light weight