Our CEO, Richard Norén, on the demand for better lithium-ion batteries

Hello Richard Norén, CEO at Granode Materials. Will you tell us about Granode Materials? 
We are a next generation anode material company with the intention to accelerate electrical mobility. Our first-generation anode material has three times higher storage capacity than current anodes, and our second-generation indicates additional improvement. Bear in mind that single digits improvements in storage capacity is currently perceived as a lot, so our anode materials are a game changer.

What is your vision for the company?
We want to become a high-end, low-cost leading supplier of anode materials for battery manufacturers focusing on mobile products. Besides increased storage capacity, our anode material has higher charge-to-weight capacity than current battery anodes. This allows for a much longer driving distance for electric vehicles and easier electrification for drones or smaller objects.

The demand for lithium-ion batteries is growing rapidly. What can you tell us about the expected market growth? 
The market growth for lithium-ion batteries is exponential, and the value of the global market is estimated to reach around $150 billion by 2030. There are about 40 battery giga factories under construction in the EU and about 180 worldwide. When looking forward, the cost needs to drop 50%, the energy density needs to double, and the charging time needs to move towards instant charging. At Granode, we believe that we have the answers to all of these challenges.

What’s the next step for Granode Materials?
Our next step is to commercialize the material and find suitable collaborating partners that enable quick scale up.

Foto: Tomas Ahrne

Contact: richard.noren@granode.com